About My Blog

Naiad and the Moon of is the core of everything that I do. Predominately a lifestyle blog, I write about: living naturally and alternatively, my thoughts on whatever is perplexing me, anything that I find inspiring, and my life as a mother, wife, homemaker, and artist.

Here’s a run-down of the categories on my blog, with some specifics on each.


A topic extremely close to my heart–I’m on a journey to find the ultimate lifestyle (filled with beauty, simplicity, peace, and growth).


I raise my children as naturally and intuitively as I possibly can–always following my heart.


I love my son, my daughter, and my husband more than life itself.


My family strives to eat only real foods that can still be considered a part of nature. I believe that natural food is not only important for our body and mind, but is important for our spirit as well.


I’m inspired by the natural world, the supernatural world (even though I can find it frightening), ancient civilizations, traditional (native, nomadic) cultures, and brilliant (in my opinion) philosophies.


I consider myself a homemaker, as I stay at home with my children and put a lot of effort into making our home.


I highly respect different forms of spirituality. I’m very open-minded, and am always looking to grow spiritually.


I’m influenced by Waldorf education and lifestyle.


I love books. I move from topic to topic, continually reading about something that I find interesting.


This is for what I’m working on, as an artist. I’ve been a little secretive about my work, and will continue be until it begins to turn into something visual. But, it’ll happen.


Sometimes I just have to put a quote on a photo and make it pretty.


I’ll see where this goes. . .

♥ Thank you for visiting my blog and other places. I truly appreciate my reader. ♥

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