An Afternoon Glass of Sauvignon Blanc

I just poured myself a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc after getting Hawk (my 16 month old son) down for a nap. My daughter, Fae, (who just turned 4) is spending the afternoon with my mom. This must sound like common life details, but having a moment to myself is a complete rarity for me.

My usual days are completely hectic as my two wild children consume most of my attention. The few moments that they’re playing calmly each day are filled with my work, or a shower, and always the dishes. Today I’m not doing that. I’ve come to the point where I truly need a break. My body has been aching, my mind has been fuzzy, I’ve been feeling neglected — neglected by myself. So today I’m just taking Hawk’s precious nap off. And since there are no black cherry seltzer waters left in the fridge, I’m having a glass of wine instead.


Any thoughts? I love hearing from you.

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